• I. General Information

    The center works within the Department of Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices, Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics and is a subdivision of the Technical University of Moldova. Co-founders of the Center are:
    • ASIC Art Company LLC , Iasi, Romania
    • Micrologic Company LLC-YES U.S.A.., Israel
    • Siemens VDO Automotive SRL Iasi, Romania
    • Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies "D. Ghitu" of Academy of Sciences, Chisinau, Moldova.
    • Romany Gas Group Company SRL, Chisinau, Moldova
    • Moldovan-American Joint Enterprise, Global Biomarketing Group, Chisinau, Moldova
    • Research Institute S.A."ELIRI". Chisinau, Moldova

    II. The Center’s Objectives

    2.1. The purposes of the Center are determined by a necessity of training a competitive engineering generation with the aid of teaching staff, research assistants, and students. Extension of the activities will stimulate the combination of practical and theoretical knowledge in researches, designing microelectronic systems and biomedical devices. Moreover it will include:
    • Training the highly qualified specialists for the national economy by dissemination training principles: strengthening basic knowledge - applied research - practical implementation;
    • Creating favorable conditions for the improvement of students’ practical training, MSc researchers and doctors through integration and involvement of their potential in research activities and designing in the field of micro-systems engineering, biomedical devices and applications of micro-systems engineering sphere.

    2.2. The Center promotes national and international cooperation through joint activities with economic projects in Moldova and abroad as well as participating in scientific conferences, symposia and seminars on current issues in microelectronic systems engineering and biomedical devices.

    III. Activities and Domains:
    • Developing software for automatic designing of micro-nano electronic systems;
    • Designing and checking digital systems;
    • Designing analogue circuits;
    • Designing embedded systems HW & SW for different destinations;
    • Applied scientific research in the development of devices with micro-nano electronic semiconductors;
    • Developing, designing, manufacturing, diagnosing and servicing electronic equipment, including imported modern techniques;
    • Development and implementation voluntary teaching advanced courses;
    • Providing technical support, evaluation and consulting in microelectronic engineering systems and biomedical devices.