• Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies are the science and technology domains which are strictly necessary for a sustainable development of advanced economies and include all means, methods of human activity required for designing, development and production of devices, electronic and optoelectronic devices and systems, integrated circuits, microelectronic systems, as well as the use of microelectronic systems in electronic equipment, computers, automation and electronic systems for various branches of economy.

    Alumni are equipped with necessary intellectual resources in order to activate at enterprises, organizations and institutions of the national economy as engineers, managers, researchers, developers, specializing in marketing and management field.

    The main activities are:

    • Designing, use, monitoring and application of semiconductor devices, microprocessors, integrated circuits, transducers and sensors;

    • Microelectronic systems, optoelectronic, acousto- electronics advanced technologies;

    • Nanotechnologies, new multifunctional materials and electronic microsystems;

    • Telecommunications, digital communications and information networks;

    • Designing, use, production and catering for consumer electronic devices and for special purpose etc.

    • Electronic programming.

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