• Contribution from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM)



    SSM contribution were designated for:

    • repairing of classroom and room for teachers.
    • purchasing and installation of required furniture for classrooms and teachers.
    • purchasing and installation of computers and equipment necessary for the training.


    Our projects:

    1. SSM-2018-997 (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority) Supporting the research and teaching activity of the National Center for Nuclear Security Support within the TUM. September 2018 –september 2019. Project manager - univ.prof, dr.hab. Artur BUZDUGAN.


    Edited books:

    2. STCU 9604 - CBRN Export Controls Moldova’s Handbook: to raise awareness CBRN and dual use export control among the relevant business communities. 01.09.2018 – 01.09.2019. Project manager - univ.prof, dr.hab., Artur BUZDUGAN


    Edited book in English

    Edited book in Romanian